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The Rise And Fall of Communism

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Under Stalin's leadership


Stalin inagurate one of the most brutal dictatorships in history. he demanded complete control and used terror to get it. People accused of treason were shot or sent to labor camps.

Collectivization-The forced of common ownership of all the agricultural, industrial, and trading enterprises. This made the peasents angry. They destroyed their livestock and sabotaged their equipment rather than give their porperty over tothe collective farms.

Soviet Policy

Satlin's punishment was brutal. People were killed or impirsoned. Ukrainian grain stores were seized in winter of 1932. This caused the starvation of more tan 5 million people. Suffering in the cities was nearly as bad. Workers had no choice but work in heavy industry, strikes were not allowd.

Industries outcome turnd out better than agriculture. industry grew at a fast tempo that alot of the new factories stood idle. New workers couldnt be trained fast enough and unskilled labor ruined most of the usable factory equipment. The First-Five Year Plan didnt achive all its goals, the government continued making more plans. the second plan was successful than the first. Third plan was interrupted by World War 2. The other plans was to rebuild destroyed industries.

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Russia under Stalin