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The Rise And Fall of Communism

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Rise of Communism

Soviet Union under Lenin 
      In 1917 Lenin overthrew the Russian government and set up a communist government. Being a strong beliver in abstract communism, he quickly began to develop a communist society. Large amount of property was taking from the rich and giving to the peasants. he banned private property and turned the countrys the few factories that were left over to the workers.  Soon the factories began to fall apart b/c workers couldnt manage it. Then the government sent people to take surplus food for hungry city people and industrial workers. Farmers got angry and reduce their production so there would be no surplus crops. By 1921 Lenin introduced his New Economic Policy to redevelop capitalist methods. Lenin died and Stalin took over.

Lenin's Era

Beginning of Stalin
 By 1927 Russia became Soviet Union, and was under Communist party control. Stalin was scared of war  with the western democracies and wanted to morph the Soviet economy from an agricultural to an industrial one.
So he gets rid of the NEP. 1928 he starts the governments first Five-Year Plan. In which all industries had to fulfill quotas. !933 industry increase its output 250% and agriculture its output 150%.

Stalins leadership begins


Russia under Stalin